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Meets near killeen? [Mar. 23rd, 2014|10:37 pm]
Texas Furries

anyone know of any furmeets near killeen, tx? any time this year?
internet doesn't know how to centralize furry communities.... hard to find this out... and seems some of the places i look are dead...
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Hey guys! [Mar. 6th, 2014|06:18 pm]
Texas Furries
Hey I live in the Houston area and wanting to go to a few fur meets. I will be moving into Houston itself in a few months but for now live near Willis/Conroe. Around that same time I should be starting my first fursuit too. Any furs wanna chat?
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Local furmeets? [Jun. 12th, 2013|12:55 pm]
Texas Furries

Hey everyone :D
I'm helping out a friend by scoping out Dallas-area furmeets. More specifically, she lives in Rowlett.

I've heard that there are meets going on in Arlington, and Plano. Can anyone confirm these or direct me to the person in charge of these meets so I can ask them?

Thanks very much!
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Rural Internet? [May. 17th, 2013|01:22 am]
Texas Furries

Finally, after about 7 months, the property is mine and I'll be moved in by June 10th. So I'm in Lampasas County, what do I use for internet? I was told by COX that there's only satellite, but that has a data cap on it and it's sort of pricey. Sure you can download stuff at night without the cap, but it limits things like Netflix and Hulu. I'm also thinking of throwing up an tower and antenna and getting T-Mobile data hotspot. Any other suggestions?

EDIT: I have found my solution. Using Virgin Broadband2Go $35 a month flat, no contract and data limit. Using a high dB antenna (frequencies for 800MHz through 2.2GHz) as well the proper adapter for this particular hotspot model (which was tricky to find). Going to see if it works on the current Roof-top antenna mount. I SHOULD be able to (in theory) get 4G at the property. Virgin is on the Sprint/CDMA network. Their 4G uses 2 frequency sets, 800MHz and 1900MHZ. The nearest tower is transmitting on the 800MHZ area. There's a T Mobile tower a mile closer, but T-Mobile  has a data cap and higher rates.

I started looking in the area for towers 49+ feet high. Gotta get over them ridges. Will be for internet and cell phone repeater.
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Ft Worth/Arlington [May. 15th, 2013|03:02 pm]
Texas Furries

Like the fur before me I'm going to be moving to the Fort Worth/Arlington area in about a month. I'm interest in making friends, fursuiting like a fool in hot weather, and local furmeets. Sooo anyone around who'd be willing to make friends with a winged wolfy? (Oh, asl? 24/genderless, you know the local.)

A million years ago, I had a chance to meet privatepony while staying Texas, but missed out. It's been about four years since we've talked. Anyone know if he's still active?
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new fur in town :D [May. 14th, 2013|04:47 pm]
Texas Furries
hello everyfur :3
recently moved to DFW area, ill be around for a few weeks before my travels bring me elsewhere
23/m/ brown spider monkey
im a busker and a traveler, maybe youll see me on the corner, i hope this city tips well <3
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(no subject) [Apr. 7th, 2013|01:19 pm]
Texas Furries

[Current Location |United States, Texas, Quinlan]
[mood |curiouscurious]

Any furries around or in the Quinlan area of Texas? I am many curious of this and wish I knew of who was or is around me, I love to meet someone and also I have been to the Arlington Furmeets.
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Austin Area FurMeets? [Mar. 9th, 2013|03:27 pm]
Texas Furries

Hey guys! I was just wondering if anyone knew about regularly scheduled furmeets/events in the Austin/Roundrock area (family friendly of course). I would like to know so hopefully I could get to know some furs that are close to home! I missed Furry Fiesta this year :( but will hopefully be going next year. I do not have a suit yet though I am planning on making one. Thanks!
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New Fur in need of help [Feb. 4th, 2013|01:28 pm]
Texas Furries
Hey guys,

My name is Craig Lupine. I'm an Arctic Wolf of 26-old and I'm trying to start a Freelance Art Business. Anyway I need some help. I've been looking all over the place to find any Furs in my area. I live in South Fort Worth, located in North Texas. I kinda feel like as though I'm the only Fur in my area, and that feels kinda depressing. Any help you can give in helping me finding Furs in my area would be grateful.
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Help! [Jan. 7th, 2013|03:48 pm]
Texas Furries

Hello folks. I don't live in Texas, but I am asking for a favor for someone that does. I'm looking for someone trustworthy who might possibly live in the Corpus Christi area of Texas. Long story short, because of a variety of compounding issues, someone that I commissioned a suit from cannot finish it, and cannot mail it out to another maker for completion. I need someone who can pick up the suit, and then in turn, mail it to another person. I will of course reimburse for any gas, postage, or any other monies that you will need to use for this favor via paypal.

Whoever is interested, or if you know someone who fits the bill, please let me know via PM. Thanks in advance!
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